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Words of Wisdom from Our Mothers

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As a late twenty-something woman living in New York, I face experiences every day that test my character. Whether it’s a challenge at work or a trouble in my relationship, this stage in life is filled with so many unanswered questions – many of which have no simple answers. For my mom, however, it seems she always knows the right thing to do.

From the party-fueled nights of my early twenties to the hurdles I’ve faced at work over the years, I have told my mom just about everything. I spend my commute home on the phone with her, regaling her with both the excitement and the mundane of my day, and I hear hers, too. When I ask for advice, she is quick to offer it, and luckily for me, most times I agree. And at this stage in my life, I have realized that every piece of advice she has given me over the years is almost always the one resounding in my mind.

For many women, this is real life. Whether that advice is serious or silly, we all revisit them at some time or another (however whether we verbalize them or not is another question). So in honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, the women of Roberto Coin have recounted their most memorable (or hilarious) pieces of advice from their moms. Read on for a smile, a laugh or a tear, but whatever you do, don’t forget to honor the special woman in your life this Sunday!

“Just because you ordered, doesn’t mean you can’t still look at the menu.” Barb on keeping your options open.

“Don’t slouch. Stand up tall and be proud of your height!” – Meghan’s mom on practicing good posture and finding your inner supermodel.

“When people are not serving you or bringing you down, don’t give them the satisfaction of knowing it bothers you. Go get your hair done, put on a smile, and walk away.” Beth’s mom on keeping your composure.

“Not your circus – not your monkeys.” Kristen’s mom on solving your problems, and only your problems.

“Always think of what the other person may be feeling or going through. Their emotions might not be coming out in the right way, so always try and be understanding.” Johanna’s mom, Bernadette, on being compassionate.

“Pretty is as pretty does.” Ellis’ mom on being more than just a pretty face.

“Never begin a thank you note with the words “I would like to thank you for…”, because the note itself is already telling the recipient your intent, so it’s redundant. Just get to the thanking.” Tatiana’s mom on keeping your etiquette and grammar fresh.

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