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Make the Most of Your Labor Day

Make the Most of Your Labor Day
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This Labor Day we want to get outside and enjoy the first weekend of September with fun activities surrounded by friends and family. Here are a few fun things to do- paired with our favorite new jewelry- that will make this Labor Day the most memorable one yet.

Have a Cookout:

What better way to get friends and family together than around delicious food? A cookout is a Labor Day classic that is fun and eventful year after year. With a cookout, truly everyone can pitch in between cooking, decorating, and hosting. Here is a delicious and easy recipe to freshen up your cookout!


Go on a Picnic:

Another fun thing to do with your friends and family is to take the cookout to go! Go relax in a local park or by the water and socialize all day. Bring games like corn hole, bocce ball, or simply a deck of cards and be amused for hours. This is a casual, laidback day that could provide all day entertainment.

Take a Day Trip:

Take a day trip to a nearby beach or mountain for some impromptu R&R. Sometimes the vacations planned on a whim are the most memorable. This is a great way to have a change of scenery and get out of your comfort zone for a day. This Palazzo Ducale necklace is the perfect staple piece for a lowkey travel weekend.

A Tennis Outing:

In the spirit of the U.S. Open this week, get out and play a friendly game of tennis! Get some healthy competition in your friend group and some great exercise. Tennis is one of the most social sports, which is what we are all about this Labor Day weekend!

Have a Bonfire:

S’mores are a to-die-for treat, always! Huddling around a campfire is another classic holiday group activity. Get creative and make a s’more bar with different toppings to roast over the fire. Mix it up by adding fruit or various candy bars.
Here are some suggestions for ways to make the chocolate and marshmallow treat even sweeter.

Have a Movie and Game Day:

Of course, there are no promises that the weather is going to permit all of these great outdoor activities! In case of showers, there are still plenty of exciting things to do for the long weekend. A movie night is fun even on a clear night! Go to the newest trending movie at the movie theater, like the New Fast and Furious or The Art of Racing in the Rain. Or just cozy up in the living room for a film. Board games are another activity to add to the day, make sure to get the board game essentials like Sorry, Monopoly, and Scrabble if you don’t already have them! Bring out the games and get everyone fully invested in a game night.

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