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Happy Thanksgiving… From Our Table to Yours

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By Christina Maxwell

In one week, we will pull out the stretch pants and heavy duty kitchenware to prepare for the feast of all feasts and reflect on the blessings in our lives.  We love the spirit of Thanksgiving.  Sure, there is the pressure of preparing a delicious meal (and mitigating the differing family opinions on sports and politics), but there is really no wrong way to do this day.  All of us at Roberto Coin celebrate in different ways.  As you prepare for the holiday, we’re sharing some of our favorite recipes and memories, as well as what we’re grateful for.

Whether you’re celebrating with friends in a new city or flying miles to be with your loved ones, whether you’re in charge of carving the turkey or on dishwashing duty (again…), and whether you’re chowing down on a homemade feast or enjoying the annual restaurant reservation…here’s to you, your family and your way of celebrating.  May your plates and hearts be full.


What’s on our Table:

-Sweet potato casserole is a classic.  Also a classic?  The debate over the best topping…marshmallows or pecans.  Kelly’s favorite recipe for Senator Russell Sweet Potatoes includes a butter, pecan and brown sugar topping that is to die for.  You won’t know whether to serve this for a side dish or dessert!

-How about some chestnuts roasting on an open fire?  Alessandra and her family enjoy these roasted chestnuts and fresh persimmons in between the main course and dessert.

-Being from an Italian family, Michael has no shortage of favorite dishes to choose from.  But his favorite?  His Nonna’s homemade stuffed artichokes.  Being a true Italian grandmother, she doesn’t need a recipe.  But for those of us who don’t have the magic culinary touch, here’s a recipe we’re thinking is pretty close to Nonna’s.

-Want all the creamy goodness of mashed potatoes without having to whip them up day of?  Try these Duchess Baked Potatoes, one of Katie’s favorites.  Sour cream, garlic, butter and made a day ahead?  Count us in.

-In the South, no Thanksgiving is complete without a Pecan Pie (and an argument over whether it’s “pee-can or puh-cahn”).  Pronounced either way, this Pecan Pie Christina’s grandmother makes is a must-have.


What’s in our Memories:

“My family always hosts Thanksgiving (in Mystic CT), and my dad cooks. He used to cook the full menu from Gourmet magazine; now that’s gone, he does the menu from Bon Appetit instead. I’m the sous chef.”



“Growing up, my mother cooked us a huge breakfast at 8am then I would go with all three older brothers to a neighbor’s house (The Higgins) and we would have about 40 people there for a game of touch football. All the boys in the neighborhood would play from ages 6-21. And the girls would be the cheerleaders. It was very fun and now that I have boys of mine own – I realized what my mother was up to. It was the perfect excuse to get everyone out of the house for a few hours so she and my sister could get the Thanksgiving dinner ready!! My brothers to this day still go back for the annual Higgins game with their kids.”



“Going around the table saying what you’re grateful for.”



“Growing up, my family and my grandparents would always go stay in a little family mountain cabin in the middle of nowhere.  We’d chop our own firewood for the fireplace, fry the turkey in a cooker outside in the chilly mountain air and go for a post-feast hike.  My grandma would always have my brother and I split the wishbone from the turkey (your wish comes true if you break off the longer half!).  We also have a strict rule in our family that we don’t listen to Christmas music until Thanksgiving lunch is over, so my grandfather and I always dance together in the kitchen to the first Christmas music playing on the radio.”



“We spend the day eating, drinking, lounging and playing card/board games.”



“My family lives all across the East coast, so every year we all meet up at my Aunt and Uncle’s beach house on Topsail Island for Thanksgiving for a few days to relax, eat, drink and catch up! Every year, my family of six all piles in our van and we road trip all the way to Topsail. Some of my favorite memories come from that long car ride (about 15 hours total) to Topsail with all of the coffee and fastfood breaks, movie watching, and catching up with my family.”



What’s in our Hearts:

“After quite the tumultuous year… I’m grateful to be here, Alive + Healthy”



“Family, friends, FOOD and the two new additions to my life – my niece and my puppy!”



“Right now, I’m feeling very grateful for time to rest and restore, the new direct flight to my hometown and a very adventurous and full first six months living in a new city!”



“I am extremely thankful for my husband, my family and our health! (Very cliche but it’s the truth!!)”

-Jo Ann


“This year, I am most thankful for my family, good health, and being able to pursue my dreams here in Manhattan! Feeling truly blessed.”



Happy Thanksgiving!

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