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Cozy Up and Embrace Your Inner Radiance

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Despite the plummeting temperatures and the seasonal depression they may provoke, the start of a new year always brings a sense of excitement and hope. At Roberto Coin, we choose to embrace a rosy outlook for 2017. This comes as quite convenient, since Oxford Dictionary announced its shortlist for “word of the year”, and among the finalists was the term “hygge”. Described as “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being”, arctic weather seems like the most fitting time to adopt this sentiment.

Derived from Danish culture, it’s likely you’ve already seen displays of hygge in daily life. Whether perusing your Instagram feed while in front of your own fireplace, or that longing of a romantic dinner date at a cozy restaurant in town, hygge actually is all around us. Think of it as the ultimate soothing relaxation – one filled with a luxurious cashmere throw, candlelight and a glass of vin chaud – all things that offer a gentle sense of peace with one’s surroundings.

Although hygge in the aforementioned sense is easy to understand in the context of frigid winter temperatures, the expression is actually more complex. In order to experience true hygge, one should enjoy their snug bliss surrounded by friends and family. Whether that is in front of a crackling fireplace or in your town’s dimly lit tavern sipping on Irish coffee:  the company of loved ones is essential to this uniquely Scandinavian trait that seems to have charmed the world over. And although it seems particularly fitting for cold climates (like that of Norway or Denmark), we can’t find a reason why hygge cannot be enjoyed all year long.

So, in the spirit of coziness, scroll ahead through Roberto Coin’s list of the most hygge-inspired things to do this icy season.

1. Escape with your significant other and/or friends to a quaint country cottage, and enjoy the tranquility of nature and each other.

2. Plan a stay-cation with your loved ones, gather around your warm fireplace or cozy living room and view your way through this year’s Oscars contenders.

3. Feeling ambitious? Now is the time to finally try your grandmother’s homemade bread recipe, or that tedious crepe cake you’ve been lusting over for months. Once you can smell the delicious aromas from the kitchen, pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and delight in your epicurean efforts.

4. Have some free time, but overwhelmed by the amount of Netflix shows you have queued to binge-watch? Curl up with a good book and some aromatic candles. Need some tips on choosing the right book for you? The New York Times’ book list is a start.

5. If you need to unwind, now is the time to take advantage of the bathtub you always seem to neglect in the essence of time. Pour in some scented bubble bath and let yourself soak into peacefulness.


Hint: Need something scintillating to conjure up that truly hygge feeling, when you’re at the office yearning for a heartwarming moment? How about this Primavera bracelet that effortlessly wraps around your wrist, like a hug.

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