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Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Keep Warm During this Arctic Tundra

Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Keep Warm During this Arctic Tundra
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock – or possibly a plethora of blankets, understandably so – the upcoming polar vortex is on top of everyone’s minds. With forecasts of snow storms and heavy winds imminent, what is one to do while keeping warm? How about getting up to speed on the award contenders in television and film? If that’s not your cup of tea, how about enjoying a toasty cocktail with your significant other? Below, gather some inspiration from yours truly on getting cozy in this season.


One. The Golden Globes are this Sunday, January 7th, so why not squeeze in some casual binge-watching with this year’s top nominees? First on our list is Netflix’s own “Mudbound”, in which Mary J. Blige is nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Why? Well, because you won’t have to brave the frigid weather from your couch!

Two. A cocktail is nice, but one that instantly warms you up is better. The ‘Tom & Jerry’ at San Francisco’s Elixir bar is your answer. This drink is like a latte, but with some tipsy side-effects. A house-made batter of eggs, sugar, vanilla and nutmeg is whipped into a frothy consistency. Then, it’s served with Brugal Anejo rum, Cognac Ferrand Ambre and steamed milk.

Three. We know as you sit at home in front of your crackling fireplace, that cleaning is the farthest thought from your mind. However, you may have a change of heart once you check out the Instagram account of the Nashville-based home organization company, The Home Edit. Their swoon-worthy photos are inspiring enough to get you off your couch and on to alphabetizing your spice rack.

Four. We’ll find just about any excuse to skip the gym – especially with below-freezing temperatures outside. But with the Nike Training app, accessible workouts are right at your fingertips. You can choose the style, level and intensity of your liking, and away you go. Plus, it’s a nice excuse to tear into all those new workout clothes!

Five. If you’re a fan of true-life murder mystery documentaries and/or podcasts like “The Jinx”, “Making a Murderer” or “Serial”, you may be on the lookout for another addictive series. Instead of watching or listening to another, there’s a way to put your detective-like skills to the test – all from the comfort of your own home. Hunt a Killer is a monthly subscription box à la Birch Box, but pieced together by mystery-thriller writers, instead of beauty experts. Help solve the murder of a lifetime as a part of this members-only club.


Our favorite cold weather accessory? Other than a scarf, it’s nice to wear something that reminds us of warmer times – like the Tiny Treasures Palm Tree necklace. Say it with us now, “sun”…


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