How to choose the right engagement ring for your fiancée? It is not a simple undertaking if you pretend to do it simply by analyzing the jewelry, its stone, the weight of gold and infinite other details. Leave these tasks to the goldsmith and let yourself go. Look at the precious jewel with her eyes and imagine it at her fingers.

How to choose the right engagement ring for your fiancée?

In order to choose the right engagement ring you need some ideas and the valuable help from an expert. First of all find out what she likes by studying her current jewelry and use Pinterest to have some input. But above all visit a Roberto Coin Store and ask for the jeweler’s advice.

Learn what she likes

Remember that everything can become magical if you add a little poetry to it.

Are you trying to figure out which type of engagement rings she could appreciate? If you want to learn out what she likes, turn into her best friend. Sure, what better confidant can a woman have? Let her talk about her tastes and linger in front of a shop window. Follow her eyes as they light up as they stand on magnificent rings with diamond and try to understand whether she prefers the absoluteness of a Solitaire or the vivacity of a diamond band.

And if you need a little more help, call her mother, sister or those who are closest to her and ask them a woman’s opinion.

There are men who decide to sacrifice the surprise effect in favor of a perfect purchase. It may seem unromantic, but remember that everything can become magical if you add a little poetry to it.

Use Pinterest

Our shopping is now much simpler, more varied and faster. Pinterest and many other social networks found the principles of their communication on images and make your choice ever easier. Even the decision about jewels can be helped by consulting the socials where sharp pictures exhibit details of the products and help in choosing the most suitable style. Engagement rings with a diamond, having designer frames made of yellow, white or pink gold and stones with unique cuts follow each other on the online pages and let you browse it like a very precise catalog which is always at your disposal.

To better discover her tastes, you might also find yourself casually visiting the Pinterest page of engagement rings for women and try to let her show some appreciation. Surely it won’t be difficult to do!

Study her current Jewelry

If you are looking for clues about the perfect engagement gift for your future bride, study her current jewelry and find out which among the engagement rings is the most suitable.

Classify women by categories is absolutely impossible. In each of them there are the 100 facets of the CENTO diamond designed and created for Roberto Coin’s jewels. So you can’t make your loved one happy for your present by simply choosing a ring for a sporty women, or romantic or classic, etc.. To make the job a little easier, we give you some suggestions to better identify her tastes. First of all, look if she prefers white or yellow gold. From this you can make a first selection. Then try to understand if she likes simple settings or a more elaborate style. Finally look at her and think about her temperament  because it should be the best strategy to really match her style.

Try to find the diamond dimensions she likes

In the common imagination, engagement rings are all the same: a gold band with a diamond that can be more or less large according to the economic possibilities and tastes of women.

Buying an engagement ring is not limited to simply choosing the dimensions of the diamond or the color of the gold. If you want to be sure of seeing your future wife’ eyes shining, you have to carefully take into consideration the diamonds in all their qualities. Of course, not only the dimensions of the gemstone influence their beauty. Obviously a clearly visible one will strike the attention of anyone, but know that gemstones can be beautiful and luminous even if they have a moderate size. The most important thing is that you find the size of the diamond in line with the type of frame you choose.

Think out the box!

Engagement rings, especially if embellished by splendid diamonds, must be placed in equally elegant boxes. Think of the typical movie scene: he comes to her and with a dreamy look he hands her a small satin or velvet box. The epilogue is clear. In the throes of her emotion she opens it and waits for him to place on her finger the extraordinary object that shines before her eyes. Therefore, it can be understood that the box contains a ring even before she opens it and that an inadequate container can totally spoil the magical atmosphere.

Roberto Coin wants his engagement rings to be hidden in precious wallet shaped boxes, which are in turn put in refined black boxes with both golden color interior and logo. So a box having an elegant and original shape is destined to contain a jewel of rare and unique beauty.

Remember that everything can become magical if you add a little poetry to it




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