When it comes to engagement rings, the choice is very difficult for many men. Here is the definitive guide from a true jewel designer who will mark with precious information the choice of your pledge of love.

Style, budget, quality, shape of diamonds and setting are the elements that you have to evaluate to achieve a perfect unforgettable moment. Roberto Coin’s engagement rings translate your feelings into matter.

Roberto's Coin engagement rings translate your feelings into matter

Made with care, method and passion, they enchant every feminine soul. A ruby is hidden on each ring. It is the signature of a designer who creates a unique jewel which cannot be classified if not for that particular secret sign that recalls myths and legends about love, courage and hope.

First: find her style

The size does not determine the value of a stone but the combination of characteristics that define its quality

First of all find her style. The moment you step into a jewelry store you will find yourself faced with an almost endless choice of engagement rings: white, yellow or rose gold, simple or with elaborate workmanship, with a solitaire diamond or with a full line of them. Even the diamond cut will not spare your certainties and you will have to juggle among round, princess, oval, emerald cuts and many others.

Therefore it will be necessary that before your purchase you look well the types of jewelry your girlfriend wears daily.

But above all pay attention to the messages that your future bride sends to you: on which jewels her attention falls while she is looking at the window of a jewelry store or if she comments on the ring a friend of hers just received from her boyfriend. Once you have collected this valuable information about the ring style, the perfect jewel will jump into your eyes, ready to surprise your loved one.

Establish your budget

Pointless to beat about the bush, the first step is to establish your budget. It won’t be very romantic but it’s absolutely necessary.
Engagement rings are objects of symbolic and material value: you must take stock of your economic capacities to be sure of exploiting them to the maximum.

If you think that the bigger the diamond, the greater the love for the future bride is, you are completely wrong.
The old etiquette of marriage has created the rule for man of spending for engagement rings a sum equivalent to about two months of your salary to symbolize the sacrifice towards the woman he was about to marry. But if you follow your heart you can buy a beautiful and precious jewel regardless of its cost.

So set your budget and find out how vast your choice is. If you know how to capture the essence of your girlfriend in the ring, success will be guaranteed.

Choose a quality diamond

Choose a quality diamond because stopping at its beauty is not enough. In fact it is always necessary to evaluate its characteristics.

There are four criteria for the valuation of diamonds, also called the 4C of the diamond. The light that emanates depends on the perfection of its cut and precisely the various cuts give diamonds their importance, personality and a different brilliance.

Clarity is the criterion to evaluate the presence of internal imperfections, that is inclusions that can occur during the crystallization process. Most of these are visible only through the use of a powerful microscope.

Color is another evaluation factor. Despite our imagination, diamonds are not only colorless, but they may have shades that vary from yellow to less common colors. The greater the absence of colour of the diamond, the more valuable it is.

Finally Carats are the unit of measurement of the weight of diamonds. They are the component that most affects its quality, especially if the stone owns all the previous features.

Select the right shape

The shape or cut is one of the most important factors in choosing the diamond, so you must select the right shape which best fits to your beloved one.

The shapes of the stone can be very different from each other, and they have a strong impact on the appearance and on the price too.

For over 100 years, diamond experts have been developing the most diverse theories about the behavior of light. Mathematical calculations in hand, today it is possible to determine what shape improves the brilliance of the rough diamond.

Among the cuts that radiate more brightness there is undoubtedly the round, followed by the square one and some other quite common and of great effect cut as heart, drop, marquise, emerald, and oval ones. The CENTO diamond is the unique and original piece by Roberto Coin which enhances the gem thanks to the gleam of its 100 facets.

Choose the settings

The proposal always comes with a jewel that literally makes your lucky bride’s eyes shine. Carefully choose the setting of a diamond because it is as important as the diamond itself. In fact it enhances the stone and its sparkle, and protect it in a completely safe way.

For rings and especially solitaries this is even more binding, because a wrong mount could hide the stone and not make it shine as it would. There are different types of frames for diamonds and in particular for the engagement rings’ ones. A special care is taken in choosing the most suitable for the type of the result you wish to obtain.

Even the chosen metal has a fundamental importance. The vitality of white gold contrasts with the traditional yellow or the romantic rose one. And what about the stone? A single diamond can be supplanted by a Trilogy setting or by an Eternity, both designed to signify the continuity of your feelings.

Make it an unforgettable moment

If you are anxiously awaiting for her “yes”, make it an unforgettable moment.

Engagement rings with diamonds are promises. In fact, they go far beyond the romantic context in which they are given because they mean a lifelong commitment. An engagement ring indicates to the world that the person who wears it has made a promise that will lead to marriage.

Thus plan well the way you will give your engagement ring, because hopefully this situation will not be repeated in your lives.

Simply present it in its box and personalize it by writing a message or, even better, making a love declaration. So to avoid mistakes, it is also important that you choose the right time to give it. It could be a romantic getaway or a candlelit dinner, something that nevertheless presupposes a certain atmosphere to make it an unforgettable moment.

Engagement rings with diamonds are promises.



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