Three rings with different names are combined in a single purpose: a declaration of love. What’s the difference among engagement, proposal and promise ring?

Let’s start from ancient customs and from a rigid etiquette that wanted each of them to fulfill a function. We come to the present day when feelings are no longer marked by formality and come to life from our heart. Therefore, the more traditionalists can opt for respecting the old uses, while the less conformist choose the ring that best suits their women and give it the meaning of engagement, proposal or promise according to the special emotions they are feeling in that exact moment.

What's the difference among engagement, proposal and promise ring

Let's start with the basics

The world of feelings has created unique alphabets and codes

Let’s find out what are the basic differences between proposal, promise and engagement ring and when to give them.

The world of feelings has created unique alphabets and codes. From the acrostics to the language of flowers and precious stones up to the refined lexicon of jewels.

A necklace or a pair of earrings are rather versatile jewelry gifts, while a bracelet can be a symbol of a strong bond with the person to whom it is dedicated and it can be enriched with pendants that enhance the message. Instead the rings are the most intimate jewels; they are dedicated to the couple and to great promises for life.

What is a proposal?

What is a proposal? The marriage proposal is exactly that moment in which one of the two components of the copy gathers his strength, arms himself with courage and reveals to the beloved one his desire to stay together for life. The occasion becomes even more special due to the rituality of the gesture that is generally sealed by a gift. The boyfriend offers his girlfriend a token of love. It is a ring that she will wear on her finger as a symbol of their union, waiting for the next steps towards the wedding.

What is a promise?

Who in his life did not have a love, a creed, a desire that led him to make a promise? Let’s find out what a promise is. It is such an important pledge that it must be sanctioned in the presence of a precious symbol like a ring. These are promises that involve feelings and commitments between two or more people. They can relate to the various emotional spheres, such as that of a couple, parental love or even the affection of a friendship. Since it arises from a commitment of devotion, this promise can never be forgotten.

What is an engagement?

What is an engagement if not that unforgettable moment in which a couple declares that they can no longer live without each other and since then they are committed to building a life together in view of the wedding?

A use not too far in time and still alive in some places, provided that the marriage took place exactly one year after the proposal. Today the formalities leave the feelings free to choose the most appropriate situation regardless of the etiquette of marriage.

Of this custom the most symbolic of all gestures has survived everywhere: the gift of an engagement ring that will remain for the whole life on the finger of the beloved one.

Engagement ring and proposal ring, are the same?

Engagement rings and proposal rings are not exactly the same thing despite sometimes they can have the same purpose.

Once proposal and engagement were strictly spaced over time and they used to require a correct and inviolable timing. Today these strict rules are no longer so rigorous and it can happen that the two moments coincide. It will be up to you to understand if your girlfriend and her family are particularly tied to tradition. In this case you won’t certainly miss the old use of declaring your love according to etiquette. So you will give the ring of proposal followed by a precious engagement diamond ring.

Now the right ring

Now here is the right ring! Have you decided to behave like a true gentleman and surprise your loved one over and over again during your life as a young couple? Then you will leave her without words with verses, poems or phrases of love you will formulate while are presenting the symbol of your union. Your journey will consist of three magical moments: proposal, promise and engagement rings will testify to your declarations of devotion as long as you both wear wedding rings that will forever make indissolubly a couple.

A ring for a proposal

Choosing the proposal ring for her is definitely not a simple undertaking, especially in front of today’s women, who are increasingly autonomous and enterprising. Of course, every woman is very different from the other so that to surprise her with a proposal ring you really need to know her essence.

The purity of a CENTO diamond set on a King Cross, its strong lines and the simplicity that harmonizes them represents the absolute essence of femininity. The solid frame protects the precious stone as you promise to do to her heart. The lightness and airiness of the design represent the freshness of your relationship.

A ring for a promise?

A promise ring is much more than a jewel dedicated to a declaration of love. It transcends all passion and goes in depth to seal a deep commitment. There are those who offer the promise ring to the beloved one to let her know how much their relationship is worth, but some people decide to donate it to a friend to celebrate a special relationship or it can even be linked to a creed or ideology.

A diamond ring in 18kt rose and white gold with a CENTO central gem supported by round cut diamonds is the perfect way to remember the intimacy of the pledge you made.

A ring for an engagement?

The engagement ring passes from the hands of the lover to those of the beloved one as an unequivocal symbol of the request for an eternal life together. Therefore it is not strange that it must be chosen with care and awareness, because those who receive will probably wear it forever. And what is in nature more durable and resistant than the stone of love par excellence?

A ring in 18kt white gold arranged in a Tulip setting to support and protect a precious CENTO diamond expresses at the first glance the intent of your gift and it will be the step to fly from the engagement ring to the marriage one.

Your journey will consist of three magical moments: proposal, promise and engagement rings



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