Nowadays any personal object can say a lot about its owner, from his/her state to his/her taste and style. The jewel is an accessory that helps to express and emphasize the personality of the one who wears it.

As we know, the basic DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BRACELET AND BANGLE allows to identify individuals with different styles. But the various wristbands also adapt to the varied individualities. Discover the differences and choose your perfect bracelet.

Cuffs are “C” shaped bracelets which are open at either ends.

Cuff, Tennis, Wrap, Bangle and Link: how to choose your perfect bracelet among these models?

Diamond tennis bracelets are flexible gold bracelets with one or multiple rows of diamonds. This specific piece of jewelry owes its name to the famous tennis player Chris Evert, who lost it during a match and desperately she asked to pause the game to find it.

Wraps, as you can imagine, definitely wrap your skin. Their colors and workmanship make them true artistic creations. Links, as their definition suggests, are made of several decorative components connected to one another. The linking elements are usually beads, gems or precious metals.


Cuff, Tennis, Wrap, Bangle and Link: how to choose your perfect bracelet among these models?

You have to wear this type of accessory at the bottom of the wrist bone and not raised on the forearm. The cuff was originally present in various cultures, but its origin seems to date back to the use of Portuguese slavers who used to pay slaves with a special coin said Manilla.

These coins were then modeled by the Nigerians in intricate bracelets that they called “slave bracelets”. Today they are original accessories and their early name would be decisively inappropriate. So it was gradually replaced with “cuff” referring to the way it should be worn.

This elegant and modern jewel matches many different styles, and you can choose the most suitable variant for your look of the moment.

What is a tennis bracelet?

The tennis bracelet is a flexible gold bracelet with one or more rows of diamonds. This jewel owes its name to the famous tennis player Chris Evert. In 1987 she lost her precious diamond bracelet during a match. Desperate, she asked to pause the game to find it, while on the screens the event was broadcasted live under the eyes of millions of spectators.

The effect was contagious, and today many tennis players wear diamond tennis bracelets, taking care to close it securely. You know you have chosen a tennis bracelet of the perfect size, when you can put a finger between the bracelet and the wrist. It is generally worn on the left wrist, probably to protect it and not damage it with the bumps resulting from the more common use of the right hand. If you are left-handed, you can instead choose to wear the tennis bracelet on your right wrist.

What is a link bracelet?

The link bracelet is a jewel for the wrist. As the name suggests, it is composed of different decorative components connected together to form the entire bracelet. Linking parts are mostly beads, colored stones, gems or precious metals shaped to be ornamental elements.

Link bracelets are often closely linked to the personal sphere of the one who wears it. Links are clear emblems of a bond. Thus, whether they are small chains or gold pieces embedded in one another, they represent a pleasant gift to remember an affection.

Link bracelets are frequently worn also by men, because their generally sober lines make it suitable for both sexes. Since a man has a variety of jewels decidedly inferior to a woman, once he has chosen his link bracelet, he tends to wear it always, making it a sort of status symbol.

What is a wrap bracelet?

Just think of his name to understand what it is. An enveloping accessory: this is the sense of this jewel born to wrap itself around your wrist, and encircle it like a dress. Just a single wrap bracelet to perfect your outfit.

In fabric, eco-leather, with beads, in precious metal or pearl links, the wrap bracelets can give a completely different touch to your style. Their softness and adaptability on the skin make them flexible even when paired with the dress. Moreover, they leave your personality transparent, although you feel constricted in your office suit.

Leather ribbons for an urban look or charming rows of gemstones combine with a simple day dress or with a glittering evening dress.
The more sober models of wrap bracelets can be amazing elements for men too, who can choose to wear them for an alternative look.

Style tips

Here are some useful style tips to choose among the many bracelets for women.

The bracelet is one of the oldest jewels. In the past and still today, some populations use bracelets for various purposes: as amulets and talismans, among the ancient Romans as an emblem of military value, and as symbols of subjection and submission on the slave arm. Today it is also used to somehow identify the person who wears it, indicating the blood type or any allergies, but bracelets have always been a status symbol. So it is inevitable that the choice of this jewel should start from the personality of the wearer.

Tennis and link bracelets are the timeless favourites of women and men who have a classic and refined style, whereas the assortment of cuffs, bangles and wrap bracelets is more varied. This category suits to different styles and genres yet tends to be more bizarre and non-conformist.



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